Forskning og utvikling

Research and development

Research and development (R&D) at Gassco is about continuously developing the Norwegian gas transport system.

Our R&D activities contribute to improved operations through increased safety, efficiency, and regularity, ensuring the best possible benefits for system users and society. In our R&D activities, we also work towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions and facilitating potential alternative uses of the infrastructure for hydrogen and CO2.

Gassco’s mandate was expanded in the parliamentary report Meld. St. 11 (2021-2022)(only available in Norwegian), to include an architectural function for future hydrogen infrastructure for large-scale esports to Europe and for associated CO2 transport and storage on the Norwegian continental shelf. The work is a feasibility study for a hydrogen value chain from Norway to Germany (news article only available in Norwegian).

R&D programs

We have structured our R&D portfolio around the following programs:

    • Being safe means that Gassco is precise, credible and trustworthy.

    • Being reliable means that we carry out our job on time and in a professional manner.

    • Being efficient means that we prioritise good time management and make the most of our time.

These combined qualities establish us as a preferred operator, ensuring a reliable energy supply to Europe.

The program is established for activities focused on the operation of Gassco’s infrastructure. Within the program, we work on improving or creating new products, services, or processes in our daily operations.

The program primarily focuses on inspection and monitoring technology, but also addresses other key topics such as facility integrity, corrosion, barrier management, security and pipeline technology.

The field on the Norwegian continental shelf are in a unique position to reliably  deliver energy to Europe in an efficient manner. To maintain this, it is important to continue optimizing the value chain to reduce energy consumption and maximise gas production. Through research and development, potential future operating methods can be explored to achieve these goals and increase value creation.

The efficeient infrastructure porgram also identifies opportunities to simplify the connection of new fields to the existing gas transport network. R&D efforts can assist fields in reducing investment costs and future operating expenses.

The program also focuses on developing solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the entire value chain.

The new value chains program aims to build competence and knowledge in hydrogen and carbon capture and storeage (CCS), while supporting Gassco’s role as operator and infrastructure architect. For instance, the program includes a range of projects that contribute to technology qualifiaction throughout the value chain.

The new value chain program adresses alternative uses of the infrastructure, including the transportation of hydrogen from Norway to Europe and the transport of CO2 for storage on the Norwegian continental shelf.

The program also provides support to selected centres for environment-friendly energy research (CEER/FME), focusing on hydrogen and carbon capture and storeage (CCS).

Research Collaboration

Gassco participates in research collaboration with companies and institutions that are leaders in their fields. Through our R&D program, we utilise research expertise from the supplier industry, large energy companies, independent research institutions, universities and colleges.


Gassco has a philosophy of zero harm to people, the environment, and assets. Our R&D portfolio includes projects that address various areas within these topics.