1. Feb 2021 2 minutter

Annual report 2020

Unprecedented times

As the world's energy needs continue to increase, Gassco is committed to providing access to energy for millions of peope in Europe while reducing our carbin emissions. In a year without a playbook, we delivered energy, sustainability, knowledge, trust, and innovation every single day.

Little did we know that 'corona' would be named the Word of the Year by the Language Council of Norway in 2020. We had little knowledge of the magnitude of the pandemic and how it would profoundly impact us all. Society has undergone significant changes, countries have implemented lockdowns, and the entire world has been affected. Norway has managed the pandemic well so far, thanks to its robust welfare system, safeguarding its citizens. This welfare system is the result of wise decisions made throughout history to ensure the value creation of petroleum resources from the Norwegian continental shelf through Norway's sovereign model of governance.