Gassco’s vision is to ensure the energy supply.


We have three strategic goals that we aim to achieve through sustainable operations and development:

  1. Safe, reliable and efficient operations – a prerequisite for good value creation.
  2. Building the infrastructure of the future – the infrastructure must be continually developed to meet future energy needs.
  3. Reducing climate footprint – focus on reducing the climate footprint throughout the value chain.
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Gassco on TRACK

High competence and a well-functioning organisation are prerequisites for achieving our strategic goals. Our entire organisation works according to our values, which as summarised in the acronym ‘TRACK’.


We must always conduct our business in an ethical, sustainable and socially responsible manner

Our work on sustainability and corporate social responsibility is closely tied with the UN Systainable Development Goals and their ‘Global Compact’.

As a state-owned company, Gassco is required to have an overall plan for sustainable value creation. This plan is an integrated part of our other strategic work.

Of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, we can contribute to 9 of them. An overview of the specific measures and results we connect to these goals can be found here.

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