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Gassco must always conduct its operations in an ethical, sustainable, and socially responsible manner.

Sustainable operations and development

The UN’s sustainability goals and their ‘Global Compact’ are interconnected with our efforts towards sustainability and social responsibility. 

As a state-owned company, Gassco is required to have an overarching plan for sustainable value creation. In Gassco, this plan is an integral part of our overall strategic work. We can contribute to 9 og the UN’s 17 sustainability goals.

We operate gas facilities onshore and offshore, and transport natural gas to Norway and Europe. Our operations involve inherent risks of accidents and major incidents. While the oil and gas industry we operate in contributes to climate challenges, natural gas plays a significant role in enabling Europe to attain its Paris Agreement targets for reducing emissions.

Our three strategic goals reflect our efforts towards sustainable value creation:

Safe, reliable and efficient operations
a prerequisite for good value creation.

Building the infrastructure of the future
the infrastructure must be continually developed to meet future energy needs.  

Reducing climate footprint
focus on reducing the climate footprint throughout the value chain.