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The combination of trust, collaboration, skills and knowledge is key. Our innovative efforts will help ensure a sustainable energy supply for the future.

Gas nominations

Real-time aggregated gas nominations  to terminals in Europe. You will also find information about planned and unplanned events in the gas transport system.








Great Britain

How it works


gas fields

Gassco receives gas from approximately 60 fields on the Norwegian continental shelf. The natural gas is extracted offshore and is first stabilized on the production platform by removing water vapor and easily condensable components. The gas is then transported through pipelines for processing if necessary.


processing plants

Once the gas is extracted from the fields, it often needs to be processsed. Gassco operates the processing facilities at Nyhamna, Kollsnes, Kårstø and Vestprosess. A processing plant cleans, dries, and compresses the gas before it is transported as dry gas through pipelines to Europe.


pipelines (km)

At the bottom of the North Sea lies the world’s largest fully integrated pipeline system for transport of natural gas.

Gassco is responsible as operator for transporting Norwegian gas to continental Europe and the UK through its network of pipelines. The total length of the pipeline network is 8778 kilometers, which is roughly the distance from Oslo to Bangkok.


Receiving terminals

Gassco operates six gas receiving terminals in Europe: St. Fergus and Easington in the United Kingdom, Dornum and Emden in Germany, and Zeebrugge and Dunkerque in Belgium and France respectively.

At the receiving terminals all residues of liquids and particles are removed before pressure and temperature adjustments. After measurement and quality control, the gas is ready for the market.


million people

The gas that arrives at the receiving terminals in Europe is transported and distributed to the market. Measured in energy quantity, Norway tarnsports enough gas to meet the annual needs of 800 million people*. Natural gas is one of the largest sources of electricity production in Europe, and deliveries of natural gas from Norway cover approximately a quarter of Europe’s total energy consumption.

*Estimated average EU consumption, source: Eurostat.

Infrastructure for the future

In parallel with ensuring the journey of the gas from field to marked, Gassco also plans for the future. Our task is to look ahead and find new effective solutions. We will continue to look after the energy supply of today, while simultaneously prepare the infrastructure for the coming energy transition.

Europe needs Norwegian natural gas, and they should feel safe that they will get it. Today and in the future.