Local communities and sponsorships

Gassco is responsible for the transport of Norwegian gas to the continent. It provides energy to local communities and millions of people in Europe. But we also focus on contributing in our own region by creating energy, activity and purpose in our own everyday life.

Gassco aims to be a positive energy, also locally. This creates purpose, pride, and motivation in our employees, and contributes to a better local community and everyday life for those around us. Employees who see purpose in their environment and everyday lives work better over time. This benefits everyone.

Everything Gassco does must be meaningful.

That is why teams, organizations and events within sports and culture in local communities, where Gassco is responsible for operations, can receive support. Gassco believes in a positive interaction between local communities and businesses. In this way, activities in our local communities receive support and a basis for further development.

Gassco provides support only to a limited extent for other initiatives and events outside our local areas. We do not provide support to political or religious organizations.