Our approach

According to the UN, around three billion people use polluting energy from wood, coal, coke and animal waste for cooking and heating, and are exposed to haza

Gassco’s vision is to secure the energy supply. Our vision is in line with the UN’s sustainability goals of accessible clean energy for all. This sets clear goals and gives priority for what, how and why Gassco should work to achieve the UN’s sustainability goals.

We contribute to a sustainable future through:

  • Our core work – by delivering safe energy to millions of people every single day
  • Our business practices – by acting in a sustainable and responsible manner

Gassco’s sustainability work is directly linked to Gassco’s strategic goals and Gassco’s vision. The UN Sustainable Development Goals provide guidance for our work, where we are guided by international frameworks and good practice, in dialogue and close cooperation with our stakeholders.

Laws, guidelines and house rules

As a wholly state-owned Norwegian company, we comply with Norwegian laws and regulations in addition to complying with the laws and regulations in the European countries in which we operate. We are guided by relevant international frameworks, the OECD’s guidelines for multinational companies and the UN’s guiding principles for business and human rights.

Goal achievement

One of our strategic goals is to reduce the climate impact through sustainable operations and business development. In connection with this goal, we have drawn up a climate roadmap towards 2030 in close dialogue with our stakeholders. This roadmap is a strategic tool in our work to define which areas and tasks Gassco will work on. We have identified key performance indicators (KPIs) for the sustainability work and our results are regularly reviewed by the management and the board.