Gassco AS (“Gassco”) strives to achieve transparency and a high level of business ethics. We believe that openness and transparency in the workplace is key to prevent, detect and respond to irregularities and to promote a healthy working environment. Therefore, we encourage anyone that has a concern to raise it with us. The whistleblowing channel is a supplement to internal and local reporting systems for reports on suspected misconduct or censurable conditions.




As a general rule, Gassco’s employees are required to initially report any concerns internally through the appropriate lowest level channels available. Gassco’s Whistleblowing channel is managed by EY, also known as Ernst & Young, and is a global professional services firm. The portal provides a web-based reporting platform for whistleblowers to directly communicate with EY, as well as communication with Gassco through EY. The Whistleblowing channel ensures complete confidentiality for the whistleblower, respecting their request for anonymity. Additionally, the whistleblower has the option to report their concerns in any of the languages listed below.

Whistleblowing channel


As a whistleblower you are protected against retaliation.