Securing the energy supply

Gassco ensures that millions of Europeans can use use Norwegian gas as their energy source every single day. Our foundation as a leading transporter of gas in and to Europe lies in our values and in the expertise of our more than 350 employees.

With a continuous focus on efficiency, safety and responsible transport, Gassco supplies approximately 25% of all natural gas used in the EU.

As operator, Gassco has the overall responsibility for the operation and development of the pipeline network on behalf of our owners.

The task of ensuring maximum value creation of the gas resources on the Norwegian continental shelf is one that we perform with high integrity and professionalism at all times, in a manner that is ethical, sustainable and socially responsible.

Our values and the expertise of more than 350 employees constitutes the foundation for Gassco’s ability to carry out safe and reliable gas transport to Europe. Millions of Europeans depend on us to deliver every single day.