Gassco is a limited liability company owned by the Norwegian state. The governing bodies of Gassco are the general assembly, the board of directors, the CEO, and the management team. The roles and responsibilities of the various bodies are defined at the highest level through laws, regulations, agreements, and articles of association for Gassco AS.

Corporate governance

Corporate ownership in Gassco refers to the overall management and control systems that ensure the interests of the owner, employees, users and owners of the Norwegian gas transportation system. Corporate governance ensures that Gassco operates their business in a safe, efficient, sustainable, ethical, and socially responsible manner from a societal perspective.

In accordance with the current white paper on state ownership policy, Gassco adheres to the Norwegian state’s principles of good corporate governance.

The purpose of the company is to operate transportation system for natural gas on and from the Norwegian continental shelf, including pipelines and terminals, either by itself or through the participation in or together with other companies, and activities related to this. The company must not have acquisition as its purpose.

Read our Articles of association here.

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On June 13, 2022, the annual general assembly was held in Gassco AS.

Read the signed protocol here.

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On June 18, 2021, the annual general assembly was held in Gassco AS.

Read the signed protocol here.

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These guidelines are prepared in accordance with Section 6-16a of the Norwegian Public Limited Companies Act, Guidelines on the determination of salaries and other remuneration to senior executives in listed companies. This section does not apply specifically to Gassco, but it was decided at the general assembly in 2021 that Gassco should still follow the requirements of the Public Limited Liability Companies Act.

Read Guidelines for salaries and remunerations for senior executives here​.

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Gassco‘s board approves key performance indicators and bonus distribution for the following year at its December board meeting.

KPI bonus weighting 2024