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Our principles

At Gassco, we are committed to upholding good business practices, maintaining transparent and traceable case processing, and ensuring fair treatment of all our suppliers.

At Gassco, we uphold the principle of treating all suppliers equally and fostering a relationship built on mutual respect. We actively encourage and support the development of new suppliers, as they provide increased competition and improved quality to the supplier market. 

Gassco holds the expectation that everyone working with and for us uphold our high ethical standards. We have strict requirements for quality, environmental responsibility, and safety, both within our organisation and among our suppliers, as detailed in our HSEQ policy. Our operations are also guided by ethical, sustainable, and socially responsible practices, and we hold our supply chains and business partners to the same standards. These principles are reflected in Gassco’s guidelines for fundamental human rights and decent working conditions and our ethical guidelines, which all suppliers must accept to become contractual partners with Gassco. 

Requirements for procurement

Being a fully state-owned company and the operator of Norway’s gas transportation system, Gassco complies with the Norwegian laws on public procurement (LOV-2016-06-17-73) and supply regulation (FOR-2016-08-12-975) in our procurement procedures. This also applies to Gassco’s Technical Services Providers (TSP), Equinor Energy AS and A/S Norske Shell, when they make procurements on behalf of Gassco in their role as TSP. 

The supply regulation framework is based on a set of core principles and includes detailed regulations and requirements for the procurement process. Additionally, these regulations have implications for suppliers who are preparing to submit their bids. 

The regulations stipulate certain requirements for when bids or suppliers should be rejected from the competition. For instance, a bid should be rejected if it is submitted after the deadline or contains significant reservations regarding the competition documents. A supplier should be disqualified, for example, if there is an irremediable conflict of interest or if the supplier has been involved in the preparation of the tendering procedure, thereby gaining an unfair competitive advantage that cannot be rectified with less intrusive measures. Suppliers also face the risk of rejection if they have been convicted or accepted a penalty for criminal offences such as corruption, fraud, money laundering, and so on, or if the contracting authority is aware that the supplier has failed to fulfil tax obligations or has committed serious or repeated violations of environmental, labour, or social regulations. 

Like any other organisation, Gassco is required to ensure compliance with sanction regulations, including ensuring that no agreements are made with individuals listed on the EU sanctions list. This requirement applies throughout the supplier chain. This is ensured through the supplier qualification process, and it is expected that Gassco will require that suppliers should not have owners (whether individuals or legal entities) listed on the EU sanctions list. 

Furthermore, Gassco is committed to promoting respect for fundamental human rights and decent working conditions in the production of goods and delivery of services. This commitment is ensured through the supplier qualification process and contractual requirements. 

Please note that new requirements will be introduced to facilitate reporting by individuals working under the supervision and management of contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers, in line with the EU’s upcoming Whistleblowing Directive. 

Tools for tendering implementation

Gassco utilizes the competition implementation tool called EU-Supply to conduct tendering procedures. Suppliers will receive essential information on how to use this tool when participating in tendering. 

Supplier relationships

At Gassco, we hold the principle that all suppliers must be treated equally, and we base our relationships on mutual respect. We actively promote and contribute to the growth of new suppliers, fostering increased competition and higher quality in the supplier market. 

Our procurements must ensure equal opportunity and fair treatment of our suppliers. Gassco aims to provide information to the market both before and after significant procurements.

At Gassco, we provide suppliers who have lost tenders with feedback, enabling them to improve and develop their offers. 

Gassco prioritises a high ethical standard in our relationship with our suppliers, and we have established “Ethical guidelines for suppliers” to ensure that this standard is upheld. 

Key performance indicators for 2024  

Below, Gassco outlines its key performance indicators for 2024, which are the most important metrics by which we evaluate whether we have achieved our goals for this year. 

The indicators are categorized under our strategic goals. Each indicator is assigned a value indicating the benchmark for full goal achievement.

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