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Gassco has high standards for quality, environment, ethics, and health and safety (HSE), which we expect from ourselves and our suppliers.

Procurement og goods and services for our operations is mainly carried out directly by Gassco or by our Technical Service Providers (TSPs). A TSP is a company that manages the daily operation of parts of Gassco’s facilities, with Equinor being the largest of these, operating our processing plants at Kårstø and Kollsnes. Gassco’s procurement team is responsible for monitoring and ensure that TSPs perform their procurement tasks in accordance with the agreed terms.

Contact regarding procurements

Gassco’s procurement function is relatively small and easy to navigate. Inquiries regarding specific operational needs (equipment/materials and services) related to receiving terminals should be directed to each terminal individually. Other general inquiries should be directed to Bygnes. The office at Bygnes is responsible for the procurement function and will coordinate across locations as needed.

Our switchboards at Bygnes or at our other terminals will connect all inquiries to the the procurement department.