Board of Directors

Gassco's board of directors consists of eight directors, of which five are elected by the general assembly and three are employee representatives.


Jan Skogseth

Chairman (born 1955)

Skogseth holds a Master of Science degree from South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, and has more than 35 years of experience from the oil, gas and renewable industry, from oil company to supplier industry, in Norway and internationally. He was president and CEO for Aibel from 2008 to 2017, and played a key role in establishing new presence and business for the company on several continents. Skogseth has served on several boards including chairman of the Federation of Norwegian Industries Oil and Gas for many years. He is currently director of SR Bank ASA, Scatec Solar ASA and Nammo AS. Skogseth has been a director since 2018 and chairman since 2019.


Tor Rasmus Skjærpe

Director (born 1950)

Skjærpe has a degree in petroleum engineering from the Norwegian Institute of Technology in Trondheim.. Skjærpe was with the Proactima consultancy in 2014-16, where he delivered services related to leadership as well as risk and management systems. He has previously held various executive positions with Petoro and Norsk Hydro in operations, technology, licence management and strategy. Skjærpe has been a director since 2016.


Anne-Lene Midseim

Director (born 1968)

Midseim has a law degree from the University of Oslo and has worked since 1998 at Hydro, where she is currently Executive Vice President for Compliance, IP and General Counsel. Midseim has held various management roles in Hydro in Norway and Brazil, including working for Norway’s Oil for Development programme in East Timor as legal adviser to the minister for natural resources and energy. Before joining Hydro, Midseim was a partner in the Vogt & co law firm and a civil servant in the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy. She has been a director since 2019.                                                                 


Asgeir Tomasgard

Director (born 1970)

Tomasgard is a professor at the Department of Industrial Economics and Technology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). He is the Centre Director of NTRANS – Norwegian Center for Energy Transition Strategies and of the NTNU Energy Transition Initiative. Tomasgard has been a guest researcher/guest professor for a number of international universities and is a member of several national and international panels and professional councils. He joined the board in 2021.


Brita Holstad

Director (born 1966)

Holstad has an MSc of petroleum engineering from the Norwegian Institute of Technology in Trondheim. She is Chief Operating Officer in Transitus Energy Ltd. Holstad has previous experience as CEO of Capricorn Norge AS and regional director for Cairn Energy PLC with the responsibility for Norway and the UK, as well as CEO of Hess Norge AS. She has been a director since 2020.

Portrett 2021

Siv Jane Hettervik

Director, employee representative (born. 1964)

Hettervik is portfolio and finance manager in the department of infrastructure development and analysis. She is head of the Gassco trade union IE and a board member of the Nord-Rogaland Confederation of Trade Unions. Hettervik became a board member in 2024.



Agnes S. Gjertsen

Director, employee representative (born 1984)

Gjertsen is a senior engineer in the department of system operations. She is head of the Gassco trade union NITO and deputy head of NITO Nord Rogaland and Sunnhordaland. Gjertsen became a board member in 2024.

Vidar R. Nilsen

Nilsen is an advisor in the construction technology department in Gassco and leader of the worker organisation TEKNA within Gassco. Nilsen has been a director since 2022.