Pupil partnerships

Knowledge, creativity and joy of creation is crucial to find the best solutions. This is why Gassco has entered into pupil partnerships with several key players.

Young Entrepreneurship

Ungt Entreprenørskap (Young Entrepreneurship) works with entrepreneurship in education and offers various programmes from elementary school to higher education. Ungt Entreprenørskap is a non-profit, nationwide organisation that, in collaboration with the education system and the business world, works to develop children and young people’s creativity, joy of creation and self-belief. Gassco is the main partner for Ungt Entreprenørskap Rogaland

The Energy Schools

Energiskolene (The Energy Schools) is a collaboration between energy companies and upper secondary schools on energy education. Gassco has a unique partnership with Vardafjell Upper Secondary School wherein Gassco’s employees contribute with instruction and guidance on a realistic project task defined by the company. The intention is to increase the interest in energy and petroleum amongst youth in order to give pupils in upper secondary school knowledge about local energy companies.