Caring for people

Employment, development of technology and expertise, and sponsorships are some of our most important contributions to the society we are part of. For our employees, we ensure their safety through a single common standard: One Gassco.

Overall, we have one mission: To secure the energy supply.

Our work with safety follows a single standard: One Gassco – our HSE culture programme. This programme envelops all Gassco employees regardless of country and department, and all employees act in accordance with the principles of One Gassco every single day.

Structured reporting intends to ensure that incidents and experiences in Gassco are shared, and that we learn from it. This also applies to the transport system, as it relates to maintenance management, technical integrity and risk-based management.

Part of something bigger 

People are the most important resource in society. We believe in a positive interplay between local communities and businesses, creating a meaningful everyday life for those around us. That is why we support a number of different teams, organizations, and events within culture and sports, in addition to our collaboration with educational institutions to increase interest and knowledge in science and technology.

Well-being at work

Everyone deserves a good mental and physical working environment, and Gassco works purposefully to ensure that all our employees feel good at work. Our welfare committee organizes social, cultural and sporting activities for our employees, and Gassco facilitates flexible working hours. We also arrange after-school activities for the children of employees in connection with joint planning days.