The following are information relevant for shippers of gas in the Norwegian gas transport system.

Capacity management

As capacity managers, it is our responsibility to ensure fair and transparent access to the gas transportation system. We are responsible for managing the available capacity in the pipeline network and processing facilities at any given time.


The allocation of capacity to shippers is carried out in a transparent, fair and equitable manner, in accordance with the established rules.

Twice a year, we conduct booking rounds where shippers can request available capacity in the transportation network for medium and long-term periods. Prior to the allocation rounds, we collect data that serves as the foundation for assessing eligibility for transport capacity.

Additionally, we also handle daily/weekly requests from shippers for additional capacity when such capacity is available.


Gassco invoices shippers for the ordered capacity in accordance with applicable tariffs. If you have any questions regarding capacity management or Gassco Booking System, please feel free to contact us:

E-mail: [email protected]
Telephone: + 47 52 81 25 00

For more information about trafiffs, see lovdata (only available in Norwegian).