Privacy Policy

Privacy policy for vistors at

Gassco is constantly seeking to improve its website, and therefore needs to identify and collect information about visitors. For the record, we would emphasise that each visit is registered at an anonymised level. We use this information to analyse how our website is used and to improve its quality.

This means you can visit our website without revealing your identity or providing information about yourself. The data we acquire do not include details which could be use to identify you as an individual. They are collected solely to register the number of visits, the average duration of each visit, the pages visited and so forth.

We use Google Analytics to collect this anonymised visitor information in order to enhance our understanding of how our website is used and to improve it. For more information on Google Analytics, we recommend that you visit its website.

Furthermore, we would reassure you that these data will only be used in anonymised form and will not be sold or otherwise utilised commercially. Where links or pointers are provided to other websites, however, we cannot accept responsibility for these.