Ethical guidelines

Gassco is committed to conducting business in accordance with good business practices, ensuring traceability in all case and procurement processes, and ensuring equal treatment of suppliers.

We believe that high ethical standards are beneficial for both society and business, which is reflected in our ethical guidelines, supplier guidelines, strategy and in the way we exercise our operatorship.

Gassco has the following requirements when purchasing goods and services: 

  • All purchases should, as far as possible, be based on competition.
  • The entire procurement process should be predictable and transparent.
  • Selection of qualified suppliers is based on objective and non-discriminatory criteria.
  • Contracts are awarded based on an economic overall assessment of offers and in accordance with the criteria stated above.

All purchases made by Gassco are based on our general procurement terms and conditions. Gassco encourages and will contribute positively to the development of new suppliers that can provide increased competition and higher quality in the supplier market.

We expect everyone working with and for us to live up to our high ethical standards. We also have strict requirements for quality, environment, and safety for ourselves and our suppliers.