Student assignments

Gassco is open to assisting students who want to write in-depth assignments related to our operations.

We prioritise technically oriented assignments related to our operations. We will primarily give consideration to work at MSc level.

The following criteria will be applied when we consider requests:

  • The student must state which academic institution they attend and which field of study/combination of subjects they have chosen/are pursuing.
  • An adviser from the academic institution must be in place, and this person must be the student’s primary adviser.
  • The student must specify a relevant topic that they wish to study through a dissertation/thesis.
  • There must be an explanation of why this should be of interest to a company such as Gassco.
  • The student must present a timeline plan for the assignment.
  • Ideally, it is desirable that the student also indicates how much assistance they would require from Gassco.
  • Name, address and points of contact for the student must be submitted.

Contact us

All requests to write student assignments must be directed to the email address [email protected] 

Note: Only requests that are sent to this email address will be considered.

Please note that our consideration can take some time. However, all inquiries will receive a response.