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25. Apr 2023 1 minutt

Brochure Kollsnes processing plant

The Kollsnes Processing Plant plays a key role in the transport of large quantities of gas from fields in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea to customers in Europe.
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25. Apr 2023 1 minutt

Brochure for the processing plant at Kårstø

Kårstø gas processing plant in Nord Rogaland is the largest of its type in Europe.
21. Apr 2023 1 minutt

Gassco main brochure

An efficiently-organised and ever more extensive transport system has been crucial for Norway’s position as one of the world’s largest exporters of natural gas.
Annual reports
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Annual report 2006

Deliveries of Norwegian gas to Europe have almost doubled since Gassco was established in the spring of 2001.
Annual reports
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Annual report 2005

The fourth year