Zeepipe II A

The Zeepipe system was built to transport gas from the Troll field in the North Sea to the European market. Its phased development covered three pipelines connecting the Kollsnes processing plant near Bergen to the Belgian terminal at Zeebrugge. Starting up in 1993, phase one covered a 40-inch pipeline running for 814 km from the Sleipner area of the North Sea to Zeebrugge, and a 30-km link between Sleipner and the Draupner S riser platform. The second phase involved two 40-inch pipelines from Kollsnes, where Troll gas is landed and processed. One runs to the Sleipner area and the other to Draupner E. Both are just over 300 km long. Gas from Troll thereby travels via Kollsnes and Sleipner/Draupner to Zeebrugge. The system was completed in 1997.

From: Kollsnes
To: Sleipner
Length: 300 km
Diameter: 40"
Capacity: 74 MSm3/d
Technical Service Provider (TSP): Equinor
Operator: Gassco
Gassled: Area D